Conflict Resolution Alumni

Our graduates go on to work in various fields and have diverse interests and accomplishments. Here, we offer a space for Alumni to stay connected to one another, as well as connect with current and incoming students.

Portland State University

Jady Bates, Department Manager, Applied Linguistics Department

Erica Bestpitch, Administrative Program Assistant Women's Resource Center

Rachel Foxhoven, International Business Programs Coordinator, College of Business Administration

Anna Gindlesperger, International Student Life Advisor, International Affairs

Roberta Hunte, Assistant Professor WGSS, BST, CR

Stephenie Jahnke, Program Administrator, Conflict Resolution Graduate Program

Ann Romer. Office Manager, Office of University Advancement

Jill Townley, Associate Director, International Student Life, International Affairs

Karin Waller, Office Coordinator, Geography Department


Resolutions Northwest

Christina Albo, Director of Mediation Services

Daniel Garcia, Restorative Justice School Specialist, awarded the Portland Peace Prize in 2010

Tobin Krell, Restorative Justice School Specialist

Joslyn Janapol, Restorative Justice Youth Specialist

Teri Pierson, Facilitation Program Coordinator

Maria Scanelli, Restorative Justice Coordinator


Clackamas County Resolution Services

Martine Coblentz, Mediator

Krista Hornish, Mediator

Cory Mathews, Mediator


Alaa Abudawood, Vice Principal at Building Blocks Elementary, Saudi Arabia

Shari Bandes, Mediator, Meeting in the Middle

Carley Berkey, Program Coordinator, City of Beaverton Dispute Resolution Center

Jen Birk, Compliance Project Coordinator, IBM

Melanie Schraeder Blesio, Local Coordinator for International Experience USA

Nickole Cheron, Program Coordinator for Disability Program, City of Portland - Office of Neighborhood Involvement

Yvonne Coleman, Public Utilities Specialist, Bonneville Power Administration

Jason Coyle, Curriculum Assistance Development Mobile Training Team member, Palestine Authority Security Sector Transformation Program in the West Bank.

Meg Goldberg, Mediator, Goldberg Mediation

Mindy Johnston, Crime Victim’s Advocate, Lutheran Community Services Northwest

Riya Kaphle, Organizing Intern with Rural Organizing Project

Kirsten Kilchenstein, Donor Relations Officer, Oregon Community Foundation

Annette Leonard, Project Coordinator/Director of Outreach and Technical Assistance, Western Region Outreach Center and Consortia, Western Oregon University

Denise Lehr, Victim Specialist, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

Kelsey Lundgren, Overseas Programs Director, Iraqi Refugee Assistance Program

Virginia Mason, Research Director, Oregon Peace Institute 

Justin Miller, Underwriting/Advertising Coordinator, KBOO FM Radio Station

Zuzzana Molkanova, Case Manager and Program Specialist at Impact NW

Matthew Mulica, Associate II Mediator and Facilitator, Keystone Center

Will Nash, Customer Quality Manager, Intel Corporation

Emiko Noma, Senior Editor, Joan B. Kroc Institute

Terry Palmer, Director of Offsite Programs,  College of Education at Concordia

Emily Plummer, Staff Associate, DS Consulting 

Bobby Puffin, Human Resources Coordinator, Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board

Fonda Sanchez, President and Founder of Education for Equality

Ashley Schmuecker, Campus Outreach and Prevention Advocate, Assault Care Center Extending Shelther and Support

Stephanie Van Hook, Executive Director, Metta Institute 

Justin Zoradi, Founder and CEO, These Numbers Have Faces