Interactive Alumni Portfolios

Interactive Alumni Portfolios

This page houses videos and pictures from the work our alumni are doing all over the world and offers a unique opportunity to experience the excitement and diversity of conflict resolution work.



Parfait Bassale, Educational Consultant/Singer songwriter

Born in Benin (West Africa), artist, educator and researcher Parfait Bassalé began using music to process his emotional states, at a young age. Passionate about  social transformation and conflict preventions through education, he enrolled in the Masters Program and during his academic training, he focused on the adaptation of conflict prevention techniques to songwriting. This interest led to the design of the Story & Song Centered pedagogy (SSCP); an instructional approach that uses songs, storytelling and reflective inquiry to enhance empathy. This led to the launch of the Colombe Project, a peace education enterprise that provides curriculum and workshops using the SSCP to impact youth in classrooms.

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Justin Zoradi

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Founded These Numbers Have Faces after traveling to South Africa in 2007. He has an MA in International Conflict Resolution from Portland State University and a BA in Communication Studies from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA. Earlier this year Justin Zoradi was named by Portland Monthly Magazine as one of 25 Portlanders who are Changing the World. Read the article here.



Vassiliki Katrivanou

Recently elected to the Greek Houses of Parliament on a platform of human rights.

Born and based in Athens, Greece, Vassiliki Katrivanou works internationally as a therapist, educator and conflict resolution facilitator. She holds an M.A. in Conflict Resolution from Portland State University and is a certified Process Work therapist. Her more recent work with non-governmental organizations in Chiapas, Mexico, and in Palestine, focuses on women’s empowerment and the support of marginalized populations. She works also in Cyprus with bi-communal groups on issues of rapprochement and community building. She explores how awareness and access of personal wisdom is crucial in working with conflict. She is also interested in filmmaking as a medium for social change. “Women of Cyprus” is her first documentary.



Resolutions Northwest: Restorative Justice at Parkrose Middle School  

Daniel Garcia, Film Crew, Editor and Restorative Justice Practitioner

What I do at Resolutions Northwest: I work with Multnomah County's Juvenile Justice system, offering restorative justice services through the Diversion Unit and restorative intervention services through a pilot project in a local school district. I also mediate neighborhood and family cases and facilitate larger group meetings and conflicts.




Melanie Schraeder Blesio's Documentary "The Unheard Voices of our Neighbors" 

This documentary captures the personal stories of struggle and challenge for refugees and immigrants living in Oregon. Refugee and immigrants are often forced out of their countries due to war, poverty and political instability in hopes that the United States will provide them a safe haven. New challenges and unforeseen difficulties of equality, race and discrimination arise when new arrivals reach the states. This film brings awareness around these issues and offers new perspectives on how we can all improve the communities we live in by working together.