Degree Programs

The Conflict Resolution program at Portland State University offers an Undergraduate degree and Graduate degree in this field of study. Students entering this program are expected to develop an understanding and appreciation of the theoretical, conceptual, and methodological breadth of the field and to develop expertise in the pursuit of their own particular interests in the study of conflict resolution.


Bachelor's degree holders are suited to entry-level careers in the field of conflict resolution, as well as being prepared to add value in any community setting, occupational field or workplace by bringing conflict transformation strategies to bear. Undergraduates acquire these skills as they focus on the transformation of conflict for the achievement of peace and social justice at the small group and community level.

Master’s degree holders are prepared for leadership positions in conflict management and intervention in governmental, non-governmental, and corporate settings at the local, regional, national and international levels. Graduate students emphasize implications of diverse perspectives and skills development for leadership in conflict and peace intervention, focusing on perspectives, strategies and processes at the organizational and institutional level of conflict transformation and peacebuilding.

Minor degree holders add a conflict resolution component to their credentials while majoring in any field of study. Within the framework of program requirements, students work with their advisor to individualize their studies based upon their particular interests and life experiences.

Courses in conflict resolution are also offered in support of programs in other fields.