Conflict Resolution Resource Center

Conflict Resolution Resource Center

The Portland State University Conflict Resolution Resource Center (CRRC) supports the sustainability of the PSU campus and local community by providing needed services to transform conflict and build relationships. The CRRC also supports the Conflict Resolution graduate program by providing supervised clinical opportunities for conflict intervention.

The CRRC is a faculty-led service, supported by second-year CR graduate students, that provides both practicum opportunities for Conflict Resolution graduate students as well as needed services to the PSU community.

To provide clinical experience to graduate students, and conflict resolution services for the campus and local community.

What we do
The CRRC supports the PSU community by providing free services and trainings in:

- Individual and group conflict coaching
- Conflict mediation
- Conflict transformation
- Dialogue and communication skills
- Facilitation of difficult conversations
- Team building

The CRRC has provided services to campus organizations including the Office of Student Conduct and Residence Life, as well as to community partners across industries, including the City of Portland and the Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon.

Contact the CRRC

For information about upcoming trainings and events visit us on Facebook or contact, 503-725-CRRC (503-725-2772)