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Meet Professor Kristin Tufte
Meet Professor Kristin Tufte

Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Kristin Tufte is a transportation data management expert with expertise in the application areas of transportation and smart cities. In here data management role, Dr. Tufte has helped design and implement multiple research data management systems, including one system that was sold to NCR Corporation and most recently S-Store, a state-of-the-art data stream processing system developed with colleagues from MIT and Brown through the Intel Science and Technology Center - Big Data (ISTC-BD). In her transportation role, Dr. Tufte has collaborated closely with transportation agencies in the Portland-Vancouver area for the past ten years and manages PORTAL — the longest-running public transportation data archive in the nation. In addition, Dr. Tufte was the data lead on the City of Portland’s Smart Cities proposal. Dr. Tufte is a member of the Transportation Research Board’s Urban Data Committee (ABJ30) and co-chairs the Urban Big Data subcommittee of ABJ30. In her data management role, Dr. Tufte has a PhD in Database Management from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Dr. Tufte’s passion is using data and technology to change people’s lives.

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Professor Kristin Tufte
phone: (503) 725-2419