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Meet Josh Triplett
Meet Josh Triplett

Josh Triplett, 2006-2007 Maseeh Fellow

Josh Triplett enrolled at Portland Community College at 15, received his AS in computer science, then transferred to Portland State as a junior. He received his BS in computer science from PSU, Summa Cum Laude. In fact, he has maintained a 4.0 GPA through his college career.

Josh works on free and open source software projects with advisor, Professor Jonathan Walpole, and Professors Bart Massey and James Hook. One of his research projects focuses on developing tools to automatically check correct usage of the Read-Copy Update (RCU) synchronization primitives in the Linux kernel.

Linux pioneer Linus Torvalds recently passed on the maintainership role of "Sparse" to Josh. Sparse is a semantic parser and compiler used to analyze the code of Linux and other software to find bugs. Josh had previously done a significant amount of development with Sparse.

Josh interned with IBM for two summers in their IBM Linux Technology Center, an internship that developed out of his senior Capstone project. While at Portland Community College, he worked as a lab assistant developing and maintaining a program used by the math department chair to schedule and organize math courses.

Josh is an active member of the Portland State Aerospace Society and develops embedded software for rocket monitoring and control, ground-control software, and rocket simulation.

When asked about his personal interests and hobbies, Josh said he enjoys reading and studying about open source projects, aerospace, math, and physics. He also admits to a passion for reading and art, and enjoys swimming, card games, comics, and LEGO.