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Effective Teacher Evaluation: A Guide For Principals
Effective Teacher Evaluation: A Guide For Principals

Dr. Kenneth D. Peterson is a Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Graduate School of Education, Portland State University. Effective teacher evaluation is at the core of improving the quality and value of education. Principals bear the responsibility for implementing a teacher evaluation program that helps develop highly qualified teachers and promotes high academic success.

This easy to use handbook offers a fresh innovative look at evaluation methods, focusing on three central areas: 1.) increasing the amount of objective data, 2. ) increasing teacher involvement, 3.) increasing the technical and sociological quality of the evaluation process. This excellent resource provides specific "how-to" methods to help principals:

  • Use the best objective evidence available
  • Put the teacher at the center of the process
  • Use multiple data sources
  • Use data sources which vary by individual teacher
  • Incorporate student achievement data
  • Inspire ongoing teacher reflection and analysis

Use the specific strategies and best practices in this practical guide to help inspire quality teaching and high academic achievement.

For more information about teacher evaluation visit Dr. Peterson's websites at: and

Kenneth D. Peterson, Ph.D.
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Graduate School of Education
615 SW Harrison
BA 574