Kristin Tufte

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Ph.D.  in Computer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2005; M.S. Computer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1996; B.A., Mathematics, St. Olaf College, 1988.  Dr. Kristin Tufte is a Research Assistant Professor (effective Sept 15, 2007) in Computer Science and a Research Associate in Civil & Environmental Engineering. Dr. Tufte's area of specialization is database systems. In particular, she studies techniques for processing data streams such as network (Internet) traffic, environmental sensor readings, traffic sensor data, and telephone call records. Interesting challenges presented by these types of data are the "unending" nature of data streams and disordered, dirty, skewed, and bursty data. Dr. Tufte is interested in applying data stream technology to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) data streams such as loop detector data and bus dispatch data in an effort to provide improved traffic measurements to ITS professionals. Dr. Tufte is currently working on latte, a project to develop a hybrid stream-archive data stream system. The goal of latte is to build upon stream processing and traditional database technology to support queries that combine live stream data and archived historical data. In addition, Dr. Tufte is involved in several other projects. She leads an effort to verify real-time estimates of travel times on Portland-area freeways and is working on intelligent filling of data gaps in the Spackle project. Finally, Dr. Tufte helps manage the PORTAL transportation data archive; PORTAL is archiving ITS data for the purpose of improved traffic assessment and modeling. In her previous research, Dr. Tufte has been involved in the development of two large database system: most recently, the NiagaraST Stream Query Engine and previously the Paradise GIS Database.

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