What are some examples of Thesis topics and Culminating Projects from past graduates of the LECL (now LSE) program?

"Planning for Justice: Inclusion of Participatory Research in the Planning Process"
~ Jonathan M. Pierce

"Designing Schools as Ecosystems: Evaluation of Whole Schools for Whole Students"
~ Michelle Mathis

"Sustaining the Mountain, Sustaining Ourselves: A critical investigation of how to bring about sustainability to the ski culture and industry"
~ Tommy McKoy 

"An Ethnographic Study of Women's Leadership in Environmental Activism in a High School Setting"
~ Kathleen Fullerton

"Grandfather Buzzard: The Biocultural Recovery of Condors in the Pacific Northwest"
~ David Moen

"R.E.S.O.U.R.C.E. (Reclaiming Everyone's Soil: Opportunity to Understand Relational Cycles of Ecology"
~ Laura Devorak

"Food Security in Nicaragua"
~ Randi Taylor-Habib

"A Survey of Oregon School Gardens"
~ Haley Smith

"Watershed Governance Principles and Practices in Portland, Oregon"
~ Jamie Walker

"Creating Caring Citizens: An Ethnographic Study of the Open Meadow CRUE Program in Portland, Oregon"
~ Ari Alberg

"Solo Sol: A Permaculture Model of Online Education for Sustainability"
~ Jess Work

"Building Community Food Systems through Assessment, Projects, and Policy: A Case Study of the Lents Food Group in Southeast Portland, Oregon"
~ Megan Fehrman

"Watershed Education through Bioregionalism, Mapping, and a Narrative of the Columbia River"
~ Jason Schmidt

"Teaching Sensory Awareness to Middle Schoolers: A Study in Developing the Relationship between Students and their Local Outdoor Environment"
~ Mindy Dornblaser (with Dawn Williams)

"Critical Evaluation of Inclusive Business Prosperity in North and Northeast Portland"
~ Sarah LoGoudice

"The Nature of Human Perception of Wolves"
~ Laura Nobel

"Children of the Soil: Exploring Dr. Montessori's Vision of Edkinder for Contributions to the Ecoliteracy Movement"
~ Michelle Calascibeta

"The Consumer and the Egg: Negotiating EcoLabels"
~ Michele Knaus

"Planting Seeds in the World Garden: Tending the Inner and Outer Foodsheds"
~ Marcia Thomas

"TAMANWIT : Green Path for the 7th Generation: Remembering & Designing Healthy Lifeways for the 21st Century"
~ Judy BlueHorse Skelton

"Education for Action: Integrating Children, the Community, and the Environment"
~ Bill Ireland

"The Perceptual Implications of Place: An Ethnographic Analysis of Emerging Community and Culture"
~ Yveline Wilnau

"Restoring our relationship with the Rain: Towards a Sustainable Water Culture in the Pacific Northwest through Rainwater Harvesting"
~ Adam LeBrun

"Coming to know (in) this Place Called Home: Teaching and Learning Sustainability at Portland Community College"
~ Karen Wolfgang

"Bringing back the Mapik: An Autoethnographic Exploration of the Qom Children's Schooling in Rosario, Argentina"
~ Tuba Rodriguez

"Horses, Mediterranean Ancient Sites, and the Berlin Wall: Perspectives on Language, Culture, Ecology, and Identity"
~ Daphne Goumas

"The Promise of Garden-Based Education in an age of Ecological Regeneration and Public Participation: An Autoethnographic Inquiry"
~ Matt Bibeau

"Promoting Office Sustainability through the Implementation of the Natural Step Framework"
~ Kerrie McKee

"A Sustainable Mt. Tabor: Harnessing the Power of Community"
~ Scott Yeltsin

"HOME: A Narrative"
~ Ann Peacock

"Portland Community College Rock Creek Organic Learning Garden: Opportunities for Transformative Learning, Healing and Hope for the Future"
~ Karen Cox

"Bridging Ecology, Culture and Learning: A Chicana Ethnography"
~ Michelle Aldama-Shaw