FAQs for New Beginnings

  1. What are the program dates? How often do I need to come to class?
  2. How do I apply to the New Beginnings program? 
  3. Will I get a degree after I complete the New Beginnings curriculum? 
  4. What material is covered by the New Beginnings curriculum?
  5. What if I don't complete the entire curriculum? 
  6. What about financial aid? Is any support available? 



1.    What are the program dates?

This year's cohort will begin in June 2018 and end in March 2019. 

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2.    How do I apply to the New Beginnings program?

To begin the application process please submit an inquiry. The Graduate Advisor will touch base to provide more information and admissions support.  We will review applications beginning in March, and will continue to accept applications until the cohort is full.  If your application is approved by the Admissions Committee, you will be invited to an interview with some of the New Beginnings faculty.  Only students admitted to New Beginnigns will be required to submit an application to the University.  Admission to New Beginnings does not grant you formal admission to the University. 

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3.    Will I get a degree after I complete the New Beginnings curriculum?

No, New Beginnings is intended to prepare you to be successful in our graduate program. Upon successfully completing the New Beginnings curriculum, you’ll be admitted to PSU's Computer Science Master's program. 

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4.    What material is covered by the New Beginnings curriculum?

New Beginnings compresses the relevant material found in our 3 year undergraduate core curriculum into 9 months of full-time, accelerated study. The following topics are covered:

  • Intro to Programming and Problem-solving
  • Intro to Computer Science
  • Data Structures
  • Computer Systems Programming
  • Programming Systems
  • Discrete Structures I & II
  • Elements of Software Engineering 
  • Principles of Programming Language 
  • Introduction to Operating Systems 
  • Algorithms and Complexity 

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5.    What if I don’t complete the entire curriculum?

If a New Beginnings student is unable to complete all three modules, they have the option of being placed into our non-accelerated Grad Prep program so they can continue to prepare for the graduate program, but at a slower pace.

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6.    What about financial aid? Is any support available?

Information on financial aid at PSU can be found on the Financial Aid website.  Once students complete the New Beginnings curriculum and are advanced to unconditional admission, they will be eligible to compete for Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantships, like any other graduate student. They will also be eligible to participate in the many internship opportunities available to our upper class and graduate students, including our popular PCEP internship program.

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