Can transfer and pre-admission credit be applied for graduate work?

In general, you can apply graduate credits taken as a non-admitted or postbac student toward a graduate degree if you are subsequently admitted, but such credits must be formally transferred if taken elsewhere, require the approval of your adviser, and are subject to the following limitations:

  • Students may apply towards their PSU graduate degree up to 15 graduate credits taken either at PSU or at other schools before admission to the program. Credits taken from other schools are also considered transfer credits. The total number of credits taken before admission, counting both transfer and PSU credits, may not exceed 15.
  • A total of 15 transfer credits, whether taken before or after admission to the program, may be applied to the degree, unless they are all from Oregon schools (OGI, UO, and OSU), in which case a total of 18 transfer credits may be used. Please note that if 18 transfer credits are used, only 15 may have been taken before admission.

You typically cannot transfer courses taken while your GPA is too low to permit ordinary graduate admission. Once you decide to work toward a graduate degree, you should apply for formal admission as soon as possible. Contact the CS graduate advisor (gccs@pdx.edu) to arrange a meeting with a faculty adviser to resolve any questions you may have.