Earn your master's in computer science

Take the next step toward your career and apply for your graduate degree in computer science.

Our professional master's program in computer science offers graduate students the structure and push they need to propel their careers forward.

Why PSU's computer science master's program?

Our renowned faculty provide advising and mentorship to graduate students, along with course offerings that specialize in emerging fields of computing such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Networks and Security, Data Management and Cloud Computing.

Our college offers a career director with industry experience to guide our students toward jobs and internship opportunities. Our program is tightly connected to the many growing and leading tech companies where our graduates earn jobs with competitive starting salaries. 

How it works

The master of science in computer science can take about one and a half years of full-time study to complete. The program is intended to provide a strong foundation in the field, along with room for specialization. Below are a few sample core and single track options from the program:

Core courses:

  • Algorithms and Design Analysis
  • Programming Languages
  • Concepts of Operating Systems

Core courses from a single track:

  • Databases
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Languages & Programming
    Software Engineering
    Systems and Networking

What can I do with a master's in computer science?

Our graduates frequently land well-paying jobs that earn upwards of $80K. Here are a few examples:

  • Engineers (machine learning, software, security, graphics)
  • Dev, DevOps (application, web, full stack)
  • Database administrator
  • Game developer
  • Computer science professor
  • Research and development
  • Computer network architect
  • Information security analyst

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