CS 105 Computing Fundamentals I

Credit Hours: 4
Course Coordinator: Ellie Harmon
Course Description: Intended as an overview of computers and computer technology for non-CS majors, this course is often described as a computer literacy course. The primary focus is on the personal computer and personal productivity software. Hardware components of computers such as processors, memory, and input/output devices are discussed and compared. Software is the primary focus of the course. The main topics are system software (Windows, OS X, etc.) and applications (such as browsers, word processors, spreadsheets, presentation graphics and database managers). The course concludes with discussions concerning legal and ethical issues surrounding computer technology, management information systems, and systems analysis. Expected preparation: high school algebra.
Prerequisites: Recommended prerequisite: high school algebra.
Goals: Make more intelligent computer purchases as a consumer; as a professional. Become a more productive PC user. Learn the "Language" of the PC users environment. Be able to demonstrate the use of the more popular application programs. Be able to define and protect your system against a Virus. Know when and when not to copy programs for use on your computer. Understand how to work with and manage this rapidly changing technology.
Major Topics:
Laboratory Exercises: