CS Faculty Advising

Faculty advisers offer their expertise, knowledge, and experience in the field of computer science. Share with them your questions about CS careers, elective choices, grad school selection and preparation, budding research interests and any problems you encounter in CS at PSU.

Juniors, seniors, and post-baccalaureate students who are accepted for admission to the CS program will be assigned a faculty adviser the fourth week of their first term. You should make a point of seeing your adviser your first term as an admitted CS major for an initial consultation. Students who will be inactive (i.e., not taking any classes at PSU) for a term must file a leave request with the CS Office in order to retain their adviser. Students may file a maximum of one leave request per year.

Your CS adviser is particularly useful in helping you interpret the CS requirements for your degree. However, if you are depending on this interpretation, make sure that you get it in writing (usually in the form of a "Substitution/Waiver of CS Requirements") and that it is added to your file in the Computer Science Office. It is also important to know when not to consult your faculty adviser because someone else is more appropriate.

  • For information about a specific course, see the course's instructor.
  • For information about University degree requirements, rules, exceptions to rules, forms, etc., consult the PSU Bulletin. If the Bulletin is not clear, you may check with the Undergraduate Advising and Support Center (UASC) at 503-725-4005.

The PSU Bulletin is the absolute authority for all regulations.

Students are responsible for knowing the rules, regulations, and requirements in the PSU Bulletin. Ultimately, the responsibility of ensuring that you have completed all requirements for your degree is yours. Your CS adviser and the advisers at the Undergraduate Advising and Support Center will help you interpret the requirements that are in the PSU Bulletin. Their role is not to "approve" or otherwise construct a program of study for you. An approved program of study can be found in the PSU Bulletin under the section on CS.