Possible Future Careers For Communication Graduates

Graduating with a degree in a Communication can provide you with a unique skill set, opening up new job opportunities. Below are a list of available courses and some possible career tracks.

Comm 200
Principles of Communication: Writer, Researcher

Comm 212
Mass Communication and Society: Advertising campaign manager

Comm 218
Interpersonal Communication: Non-profit organization leader, Fundraiser, Trainer

Comm 311
Research Methods in Communication: Research or data analyst, Research assistant, Market researcher, Research coordinator, Project manager

Comm 312  
Media Literacy: Visual merchandiser, Graphic designer

Comm 313 
Communication in Groups: Business manager, Project manager, Communication consultant, Trainer, Program Assessor.

Comm 314 
Persuasion: Advertising and public relations job professions

Comm 389
Ethics of Human Communication: Would be useful in nearly any field requiring interaction with the public.

Comm 410/510
Health Communication Campaigns
: Non-profit sector, Campaign developer

Comm 410/510
New Media & Technology in Communication
: Communication specialist, Social media analyst, Social media consultant, Public affairs, Public relations

Comm 418/518
Advanced Interpersonal Communication
: Non-profit organizations, Fundraiser, Trainer

Comm 420 
Political Communication
: Campaign manager, Communication coordinator, Community affairs, Political analyst

Comm 423 
Organizational Communication: Strategic consultant

Comm 437/537
Urban Communication
: Community organizer, Community development