Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still get an internship during COVID-19? 

Yes! Assuming you have access to a computer and internet, there are opportunities for remote internships that you can do from home. 

What will we do in the internship course (COMM 404)?

The purpose of the course is to help make connections between your Communications degree and your internship experience. All of the assignments are designed to help you on the job market. Here is a recent syllabus for the course.

Do I have to take COMM 404 to get credit?

Yes, the only way to get COMM credit for your internship is to take this course at the same time as you do your internship. You will have to register and pay for the course just like any other you would take at PSU.

How do I improve my chances of getting an internship?

You want to put your best foot forward, and that means good preparation. There are a lot of resources you can take advantage of to prepare your application, from crafting a resume to searching for a position. See the advising and resources section of this webpage to get started.


Does my internship need to be paid to take the course?

No. Some internships are paid and others unpaid, and that won’t affect your experience in the course. 

Can I create my own internship with an employer?

Absolutely. While there are always good opportunities available on Handshake, we also encourage students to reach out directly to employers to set up their own internship. You just need to make sure that the internship qualifies. More details are available at the University Career Center.

I did an internship last year, can I get credit now? 

No, unfortunately not. In order to receive credit, students are required to take our internship course (COMM 404) during the term in which they do their internship.

Does my internship need to be located in Portland?

No, many students do their internships remotely. COMM 404 is also taught remotely and asynchronously, so you can take the course even if you are living outside of the Portland area.