Lee Shaker, PhD

  Associate Professor
  Office phone: 503.725.2282
  Email: lshaker@pdx.edu
  Webpage: leeshaker.com
  University Center Building 440
  Office: 440F









PhD | University of Pennsylvania
MA | University of Pennsylvania
BA | University of California at Santa Barbara

Focus Areas

Political Communication
Mass Communication

Research Interests

Urban Communication
Politics & Media
New Communication Technologies

Courses Taught

Comm 312: Media Literacy
Comm 322: Mass Communication and Society
Comm 420/520: Political Communication
Comm 437/537: Urban Communication
Comm 472/572: Public Opinion 


Lee Shaker is a mass & political communication scholar. His primary interest lies in understanding the ways that new communication technologies affect society. As part of this, several of his recent articles assess how the changing media environment alters the relationship that citizens have with their local communities. For example, Dead Newspapers and Citizens' Civic Engagement measures the effect of local newspaper closures upon citizens' civic and political engagement. His current research turns to more fundamental questions about information consumption, retention, and analysis in the digital age. For more information, please visit his website.


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Recent Work

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