Cynthia-Lou Coleman, PhD

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PhD | University of Wisconsin-Madison
MPS | Cornell University
BA | Sonoma State University

Focus Areas

Mass Communication theory & methods
Science communication

Research Interests

Media framing & social discourse
Scientific & cultural rationalities
Science, risk, environmental & health communication

Courses Taught

Comm 326: Communication, Society and Culture
Comm 460/560: Framing and Mass Media
Comm 487/587: Propaganda, Public Relations and Media


Prof. Coleman’s areas of inquiry focus on the social construction of science in mainstream discourse and the effects of framing on biopolitical policies that impact American Indian communities. She teaches communication theory, research methods, propaganda and science communication. Prof. Coleman received a Fulbright Research Chair in 2019 to study First Nations concerns over environmental communication. She has also held fellowships with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. 


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Recent Work

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