Advising, Approval, and Resources

Six steps to landing an internship for credit

  1. Search for an internship
  2. Develop your application materials
  3. Apply for and get hired for an internship
  4. Get approval for COMM 404
  5. Register for COMM 404 before the term begins
  6. Take COMM 404 during the term of your internship

Resources for your search

Students are responsible for obtaining their internship, but there are a lot of resources on campus to assist you in your internship hunt!

Handshake is PSU's career portal, and it is the best place to start your internship search. All you have to do is create an account and gain access to employers and their advertised job/internship listings. Get started here.

There are also job boards that focus on remote listings, including Covintern and Intern from Home.

LinkedIn is also a useful resource, as you can look for potential employers, learn more about organizations where you might work, and even find PSU alumni with an interest in helping out our students.

Resources at PSU for your application

The University Career Center offers helpful webinars and workshops on topics like writing resumes and cover letters, strategies for your application, and even advice on how to create your own internship. 

You can also schedule time with the Internships Coordinator at the University Career Center, Marisa Miller, who can help you develop your strategy and materials.

Internship Approval

Already landed an internship and ready to enroll in COMM 404? Go ahead and submit this application form. After you complete this form, we will confirm you meet the prerequisites for enrollment, and then contact you by email with instructions for registration. This process is just like registering for a class, so ideally you should have an internship secured and approved and your registration completed before the first day of class of the term of your internship.

If you have any questions about enrollment for our internship course, please get in touch with our Departmental Internship Coordinator, Scott Selberg.


In order to get credit for your internship, you need to also take COMM 404, our department’s internship course. The following conditions must be met for enrollment:

  1. Your internship duties are related to communication
  2. You will be working a minimum of 8-10 hours per week in your internship (remotely or onsite) for the duration of the course
  3. You have already completed 12 Communication credits (transfer credits do apply)
  4. Your GPA is a minimum of 2.75