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What are the credit requirements for the certificate?
The total required number of credits for the Comics Studies certificate is 24 credits. This is equivalent to 6 classes.

What are the course requirements for the certificate?
There is one required course, ENG 496/596, and the rest of the courses must come from an approved elective list. Learn more about the required courses on our program page.

How long will it take to complete the program?
The length of time to completion of the certificate will vary. The one required course (ENG 496/596) will be offered once per year. The certificate can be completed in as little as two terms, but will take longer if you take the classes part-time. You must complete the certificate in five years.

Can undergraduate students pursue the Comics Studies certificate?
Yes, undergraduate, graduate, and post-bacc students can all pursue the certificate.

Who can be a post-baccalaureate student?
Post-baccalaureate students are students who have already completed one undergraduate degree and may be seeking a second bachelor's, pursuing a certificate program, or preparing for graduate study.

How can I get advising for the Comics Studies certificate?
To set up an advising appointment, email comics@pdx.edu.

Can students audit Comics Studies courses?
Yes, contact the instructor.

Can students use transfer credits to satisfy Comics Studies requirements?
No, transfer credits are not accepted.

How can I apply?
See the Admission page for details on how to apply to the Comics Studies program.

What about the residency requirement?
PSU typically requires a residency requirement for post-baccalaureates, which necessitates at least 30 credits completed at PSU. However, the program has requested a waiver of this requirement for the Comics Studies Certificate.

I have a question and you haven't answered it in the FAQ. Who should I contact?
Email comics@pdx.edu.