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Members of the research team have shared their findings at conferences and in a publicly accessible video.

Chang, H., Jung, I., Strecker, A., Wise, D., Lafrenz, M., Shandas, V., Moradkhani, H., Yeakly A., Pan, Y., Bean, R.,
     Psaris M., and Johnson, G.  (2012), Multidimensional Assessment of the Spatial Distribution of Water Resources
     Vulnerability in the Columbia River Basin, USA.
Ecological Society of America, Portland, OR, Aug 8.

Jung, I.-W. Chang, H., Lafrenz, M., Pan, Y., Yeakley, A., Shandas, V., Moradkhani, H., and Jay, D. (2011), Water 
     Resource Vulnerability in the Columbia River Basin.  Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference, Seattle, 
     September 14.

Chang, H. (2012), Collaborative solutions for the mighty Columbia, Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Portland
     State University, Portland, October 12. Video below: