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Pre-health Programs

In addition to the pre-medical and pre-dental programs, Portland State offers a variety of other pre-health programs. The full list of pre-health programs and PDF worksheets detailing background and course requirements is available at the Pre-professional Programs page. Note that pre-professional programs at PSU are not majors. See below for more information.

Advising for Pre-Health Programs

What is Academic Advising? Academic advising is a collaborative, educational partnership between the adviser and the advisee. Advisers work with students in one-on-one and group settings to facilitate strategic course planning; informed, proactive preparation; integration of personal, academic, & career goals; ability to evaluate options & make decisions; and awareness of available resources. Advisers help students develop academic plans, understand what makes a competitive health professions school candidate, and evaluate progress in these areas. They can share ideas about where one might want to volunteer or how to learn more about relevant organizations at PSU and locally. They can serve as a sounding board when students have tough decisions to make or stressful situations at hand and can help students determine how to proceed when experiencing academic difficulty. They are also there to encourage students and celebrate their successes.

Orientation Information: If you would like a refresher from an Orientation you've already attended, or are wanting to follow along during the presentation at your Orientation, please view the PDFs for Foundations for Freshmen here, and Foundations for Transfer Students here.

How Advising Works: Pre-health students at PSU have two advisers –- their pre-health adviser in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS) Advising Center (503-725-3822), and a major adviser in their major department. Pre-health students are expected to meet with their pre-health adviser in the CLAS Advising Center regularly and they are expected to meet with their major adviser as needed or as required by their major department. If a pre-health student selects an Interdisciplinary Major such as Science or Liberal Studies, he/she will have just one adviser, as pre-health advisers are also advisers for Interdisciplinary Majors.

Scheduling an Advising Appointment: To schedule an appointment with a pre-health adviser, call the CLAS Advising Center at 503-725-3822. Call a few weeks in advance of when you would like to have your appointment so that you are more likely to get the day and time that you desire.

Drop-in Advising: Drop-in advising hours are available for quick questions, urgent needs, introductions, and short-term planning. See the Drop-in Advising Schedule for pre-health drop-in advising hours (look for hours for the adviser for your program; advisers and the programs for which they advise are listed at the bottom of this page).

Choosing a Major: Pre-health programs at PSU are not majors. Students pursuing health professions programs that require or strongly recommend a bachelor's degree will also need to select a major at PSU and fulfill requirements to graduate. Students can select any major from those available at PSU (majors and minors are listed in the “Programs of Study” section of the PSU Bulletin/Catalog). Health professions programs do not prefer one major over another; they simply look for broadly educated individuals who perform well in the program prerequisites.

Undecided About Your Major? Pre-health students who have not yet selected a major will simply have one adviser (their pre-health adviser in the CLAS Advising Center) until they select a major, at which point they will have two advisers (the pre-health adviser and the major adviser). Selection of the major is a topic that pre-health advisers are happy to discuss with students.

Veteran Students: Veteran students often need to have certification forms signed by an adviser to confirm that the courses they are taking are required for a degree and/or pre-professional program. A pre-health adviser can review and sign these forms for pre-health students, though in some cases students might also need to work with their  major adviser on such forms.

Prospective Students: Prospective pre-health students are welcome to meet with a pre-health adviser during drop-in advising or via an advising appointment (appointments are available to prospective students except during extreme peak periods; contact the front desk at 503-725-3822 to schedule an appointment).

Pre-health Program Course Requirements

The full list of pre-health programs and PDF worksheets detailing background and course requirements is available at the Pre-professional Programs page.

Click here to see a list of our pre-health advisers, which pre-health programs they advise, and their contact information.