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Natural & Physical Sciences

Bachelors degrees and minors are available in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and Resources, Geology, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, and Science.

Masters degrees are offered in Biology (MA, MS), Chemistry (MA, MS), Geology (MA, MS), Mathematics (MA, MS, MAT, MST), Statistics (MS), Physics (MA, MS), and "Science" (MA, MST).

Doctoral degrees are awarded in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences, and Mathematics Education, Environmental Science and Management, which includes the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Geography, and Physics, and in System Sciences, which includes Anthropology, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Economics, Engineering Management, Mathematics and Statistics, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology, and Sociology.

For additional information about degrees available in the sciences, please contact the CLAS Advising office at (503) 725-3822.