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Four-Year Degree Guarantee

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS) Four-Year Degree Guarantee (4YDG)

PSU promises that full-time freshmen who sign an agreement will get the support and courses necessary to graduate in four years.  

Read further details on how the 4YDG works.

Download the 4YDG Agreement.

Required for CLAS Four-Year Degree Guarantee Admission

  1. If your major is listed below you are required to complete the math placement test and place into or above the applicable math course to your major:
    • Biology - MTH 112: Intro to College Math II
    • Biochemistry - MTH 251: Calculus I
    • Chemistry - MTH 251: Calculus I
    • Economics - MTH 95: Intermediate Algebra
    • Environmental Science - MTH 112: Intro to College Math II
    • Earth Science - MTH 112: Intro to College Math II
    • Geology - MTH 251: Calculus I
    • Mathematics - MTH 251: Calculus I
    • Physics - MTH 251: Calculus
    • Psychology - MTH 95: Intermediate Algebra
    • Sociology - MTH 95: Intermediate Algebra
  2. You are required to review the Degree Map for your major (located in the right hand column). You will find additional information as well as links to your major department’s website.

Beginning the 4YDG Program

  1. You are required to attend orientation prior to July 21, 2017. We strongly encourage you to attend the earliest session possible since you will be registering for fall term during your orientation.
  2. Upon admission to the program, you will be contacted via your PSU email with information regarding your assigned adviser.
  3. After you attend orientation, you must schedule an appointment with your assigned 4YDG adviser no later than November 17, 2017. When you schedule your appointment you must identify yourself as a 4YDG student. Contact the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Advising Center 503-725-3822 or visit SMSU 3rd floor Mezzanine, M305.

Registration as a 4YDG Participant

It is required that you register within one day of your registration date.

For any questions or concerns regarding the CLAS 4YDG program, please email