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Fixed-term Faculty Review

Annual reviews are required for fixed-term instructional and research faculty who have appointments of or greater than .50 FTE (annualized). Article 18, Section 4.(a) 6. of the AAUP contract requires that:

During the first six (6) annual appointments, a fixed-term faculty member shall be reviewed each year. Departmental reviews of fixed-term faculty with more than six (6) years of continuous service who have undergone a successful sixth-year review for multi-year appointment eligibility shall be completed at least once every three (3) years.

The annual review of fixed-term instructional and research faculty is governed by Article 18 of the AAUP contract [See especially Section 4.(a)].

Article 18 stipulates that individual departments develop guidelines for such a review process (approved by the Dean and the Provost's office); be sure to follow your departmental guidelines while completing these reviews.

Section 4.(a) 3. of Article 18 provides "for a variety of evidence to be used in the review of both fixed-term or instructional or research faculty" though departments are "encouraged to require" certain items and are required to include other items. Note that while there is considerable latitude here, there are some items that are required. The College suggests that the recommendations be brief (preferably 1 page or less). Additionally, while the contract contains no specific requirements as to the content of the Chair's cover letter, the College requests that the Chair specifically address the committee's recommendations.

Article 18 stipulates review deadlines:

For any fixed-term faculty member on an annual appointment, review must be completed by March 15. For any fixed-term faculty member on a multi-year appointment, review must be completed by June 15 of the first year of a multi-year appointment. [see Section 4.(a)7.]

The CLAS deadline is also March 15th. Reviews are filed in the CLAS personnel files in the Dean's office.  A copy must also be sent to Human Resources for the faculty member's official personnel file.

Only the committee's review and recommendations accompanied by a cover letter from the Chair need to be forwarded to the Dean; please do not forward other materials.