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Annual Review for Tenure Track Faculty

The promotion and tenure guidelines state clearly that:

Faculty on annual tenure must be reviewed after the completion of the first year of their appointment and each subsequent year. . . .For faculty who have brought in prior service at another institution, the review will not be conducted until the end of at least one complete academic year at Portland State University. As a result of this review, candidates should be given an assessment of their progress toward tenure and of any deficiencies that need to be addressed. The review shall be in accordance with regular department and university procedures and should specifically evaluate the progress of the faculty member in meeting the standards for the award of tenure; however, reviews prior to the sixth year are normally only for evaluative purposes and do not have to include outside evaluation.

In addition, annual and third-year reviews must be completed according to the schedule now posted, effective immediately. Supplemental letters attached to letters of appointment for all new hires must include these timelines.  Those hired prior to 2009-2010 also should be reviewed according to the new schedule unless their supplemental letters indicate otherwise.