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Academic Professional Guidelines

The annual evaluation of Academic Professionals is covered in Article 17, Section 8 of the AAUP contract:

Section 8. Academic Professional Evaluations

(a) All Academic Professionals shall have annual performance reviews (evaluations). The performance review year will be the preceding 12 months. A calendar for the performance evaluation cycle shall be established and published at the same time as the promotion and the promotion and tenure review cycle.  Academic Professionals on one-year appointments shall be reviewed annually.

and later,

The Provost, or other relevant vice president, vice provost, or dean of each division, school, or college is responsible for an annual evaluation of all Academic Professionals employed within his/her unit. The evaluation shall be conducted according to the guidelines established by the University. The guidelines shall be available on the Office of Human Resources website [bold added]. The University will seek input from Academic Professionals and the Association if substantial changes are contemplated.

As you will see, Human Resources offers two different forms for evaluation; you may choose to use either, but once you choose one, please stick with that form in the future.  You can find the forms here