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PSU Summer Workshops

Japan in Motion 2011

A Performance Festival for PSU and all of Portland

Take your choice of two workshops //  Go to two shows!


Performing Kyogen Comedy in English JPN 099/410/510

June 20-July 17, 4 credits (M-Th 4:45-7:05 LH 119)

Students learn the acting, singing, and dancing of kyôgen, Japan's classical comedy. Kyôgen is comparable to Europe's commedia del'arte, and presents broad, physical and vocal humor. The language of instruction and presentation will be English. The class will prepare and present the large cast play, "The Deva King." This play explores the interplay among material greed, religious devotion, and deception when two con-men decide to fake a religious miracle. The class will present this play, as well as other plays and dances in a public performance on July 17. No prior experience in theater performance or in Japanese language is required. Instructor: Laurence Kominz, PSU (

Public Kyôgen Performance: July 17, 2 PM. (Free Admission)

Lincoln Hall Studio Theater, PSU

Workshops open to both PSU students and members of the community

Permaculture and Butoh JPN 099/410/510

July 18-July 29, 4 credits (M-F 11AM-3PM)

Permaculture is an approach to designing human agriculture settlements that are modeled on the relationships found in natural ecologies. Butoh is an approach to developing presence in the body and creating performances often inspired by nature. Both require of practitioners a cultivation of sensitivity to the world around them and their place within it. Led by Butoh Artists Mizu Desierto and Haruko Nishimura, along with Permaculture Designer Andrew Millison (Guest Professor, OSU), the class will provide a thorough introduction to each discipline. The course and its culminating performance will take place on a raw urban farm site where students will have the opportunity to share in the initial design and implementation of a Dance and Permaculture Institute in North Portland. The class site on Prior Day Farm, is easily accessible by Trimet bus. For questions or directions, please contact Mizu Desierto at

Public Butoh Performance: July 29, 7 PM.
Prior Day Farm, 9233 N. Bristol Ave, Portland

PSU Presenters
:  The Institute for Sustainable Solutions,
The Center for Japanese Studies,
The Department of World Languages and Literatures

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