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Peace Exhibit

The Center for Japanese Studies and the Littman Gallery are proud to present the Hiroshima-Nagasaki, an international exhibition with a message of peace. This exhibition will be open free of charge from 11/2/2006 until 11/29/2006. Portland is the first of two US cities that will host the exhibition this year.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki experienced nuclear weapons for the first time in human history. The cities were devastated in an instant and tens of thousands of lives were lost.

The suffering inflicted by these weapons continues today among the survivors. In order to prevent such misery in the future, the two cities are appealing to the world to recognize the importance of peace.

About the Exhibition

The Hiroshima-Nagasaki Exhibition project was started in 1995 to convey the realities of atomic bombings and the present status of nuclear issues.

The Exhibition features a series of wall displays graphically depicting the cities before and after the explosions, along with a collection of personal objects salvaged from post-bomb debris. The two combine to make a powerful and deeply moving example of the destruction caused by nuclear weapons.

The project hopes to arouse international sentiment towards nuclear weapons abolition. The Exhibition is shown several times a year in nuclear nations, suspected nuclear nations, and cities active in nuclear abolition campaigns through the cooperation of the host cities, NGOs, universities, and other organizations dedicated to peace.



The Exhibition will be held in the Littman Gallery at Portland State, Smith Memorial Student Union, 2nd Floor, Room 250. Admission is free. Please note the exhibition is quite graphic and is not recommended for children under age 12.


  • Dates: 11/2/06 - 11/29/06 (closed Thanskgiving Day)
  • Hours: 12pm - 4pm, M-F and 11am-3pm Saturday (11/4, 11/11, 11/18)

Additional Events

A number of special events will coincide with the Exhibition. A brief description of the events appears below. Please click on the links found in the Events box to the right for more information.

The events:

  • 11/3 - Nagasaki A-bomb Survivor speech, Mr. Sasao Akira
  • 11/6-7 - Japanese Vaudeville at PSU
  • 11/10 - Prof. Lisa Yoneyama, "Competing Views on the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima"
  • 11/13 - Movie: "Black Rain"

For more information on the Exhibition or related events, please email or call Keiko at 503-725-8577.