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kyogen performance


July 17 (Sunday), 2 PM

 Lincoln Hall Theater (115 Lincoln Hall) 



The marquee play is The Deva King (Niô 仁王).  This large-cast, special costume kyôgen play features an Edo Period con-artist team that sets out to trick gullible worshipers into donating alms to a fake Deva King statue--one of the con-man in disguise!  The results of this scheme are, of course, hilarious. 

This student show is different from usual in that we will mount two original works written by advanced students in our Japanese program.  One is a modern kyôgen play called The Fisherman and the Fox.  The fox is from Japanese folklore--it can disguise itself as a human.  The second student piece is an original dance drama, just five minutes long, that is a spiritual, and aestheticized interpretation of the deep friendship between the two protagonists of Star Trek.  This piece is best described as high energy, cosmic noh dance. 

Our students are working hard to create an unforgettable afternoon of amusing drama and beautiful dance.  Come by for 90 minutes of entertainment on a summer Sunday afternoon.

Larry Kominz

CJS Japan in Motion 2011 Artistic Director

Instructor of the Performing Kyôgen in English summer workshop

Below--photos from our June 9 recital performance of kyôgen plays in English:

"Tied to a Pole" (Bo-Shibari)  The master ties up servant #2.               (photo by Toshimi Tanaka)

"Voices at the Gate"  (dancing and singing to trick Tarô into revealing himself)  (photo my Minh Ngo)

The dance of the angel from the noh play "Hagoromo."                            (photo by Minh Ngo)


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