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Japanese Americans History

National Security and Civil Liberties in Wartime:

The Internment of Japanese Americans

Dr. David Adler (University of Idaho)

February 16, Thursday
6:00-7:30 p.m.
Native American Center
(710 SW Jackson Street, Portland, OR 97201)



To this day, the internment of Japanese-Americans sears the conscience of America.In this disastrous episode, the U.S. government dealt a grievous blow to the foundations of American Constitutionalism and civil liberty. This grave injustice reminds us that governmental officials, caught in clutches of war fever, are vulnerable to the public hysteria, racism and impulsiveness. It reminds us, as well, of the failure of political leadership. Those failures should serve as lessons to be learned, so our nation can avoid their repetition.
In our quest to understand how all three branches of the federal government could fail in their responsibility to preserve and defend the Constitution, we should never forget, as the Supreme Court said in more tranquil times, that the Constitution is a document that governs the governors and governed alike, in times of war and peace. Nor should we forget the solemn duty shouldered by citizens everywhere, to speak out against governmental violations of our rights and liberties.


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