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Street Robbery


Robbery involves the offender taking or attempting to take something of value from a victim, aggravated by the element of force or threat of force. If there is no direct confrontation and the victim is not in fear of immediate harm, it would be classified as extortion. Alternately, in pocket-pickings or purse snatching, direct confrontation does occur, but force or threat of force is absent.

The data analysis presented in this section of the Portland Crime Data website includes robberies that occurred in Portland Oregon between 1995 and 2010. To be included in the current dataset the robbery had to have occurred in one of the following locations within the city: a street, alley, highway, or a parking lot. Also included were “car jackings” where a motor vehicle is taken by force or the threat of force.

A few caveats to the data and analysis are worth noting:

·     The data were obtained from criminal incident reports filed by Portland police officers and stored in the Portland Police Data System (PPDS). Robberies that were not reported to the police are excluded.

·     The results presented herein may not be entirely consistent with reports from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (UCR) system because the data have been aggregated in different ways.

·     A small proportion of street robbery incidents are excluded from the geographic maps because the offense location was not known or the address provided was incorrect.

·     Criminal incident reports and aggregate crime counts are subject to minor changes over time. For instance, someone might report a robbery which occurred several years earlier. Other robberies might through investigation be later reclassified as a different offense. The dataset used for the present analysis is archival and may not be updated regularly to account for these changes.

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