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Public Perceptions


Criminal Justice Policy Research Institute


Measuring public perceptions can provide important information to criminal justice agencies regarding policy perferences, trust in institutions and employees, satisfaction with services or encounters, fear of crime, crime changes over time, differences in opinion across communities and social demographics, and much more.  Public perceptions data is a valuable tool for evaluating and assessing progress, planning for the future, targeting strategies and community outreach, and informing strategies to more effectively reduce fear, increase trust, and lower crime and recidivism.  CJPRI has been involved in numberous public pereceptions studies focused on neighborhoods, cities, or States using telephone, written/mailed, and online survey methodologies.


"If situations are defined as real, they are real in their consequences".


Learn about our own CJPRI sponsored survey of Oregonians in the links below in the featured items.  Link to our Research Briefs series which includes reports focused public perceptions of Oregonians and Portlanders.


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Brian Renauer, Ph.D 
CJPRI Director 
CCJ Chair 


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