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Inside the Oregon LECC

Using Data and experience to influence policing policy that will create equitable outcomes for all Oregonians



  Dr. Brian Renauer


  PO Box 751
  Portland, OR  97204

  Ph: (503) 725-8090
  Fx: (503) 725-5162


  Salome Chimuku

  Program Manager


  Ph: (503) 725-5221

  Fx: (503) 725-5162



Law Enforcement Contacts Policy & Data Review Committee [ORS 131.906] - Receives and analyzes demographic data to ensure that law enforcement agencies perform their missions without inequitable or unlawful discrimination based on race, color or national origin. 

Special topics

Tactical Ethics: Perspectives on Profiling Training Program for Law Enforcement

Since 2008, the LECC has worked in collaboration with the DPSST, CJPRI, Museum of Tolerance, and several Oregon law enforcement professionals to offer a training program to Oregon law enforcement, called Tactical Ethics: Perspectives on Profiling. View more.

Stop Data Collection and Analysis Efforts

Since 2001, the LECC has received and analyzed traffic data from five Oregon police agencies: Beaverton, Corvallis, Eugene, Hillsboro, and the Oregon State Police. View more.

Monitoring Public Perceptions of Law Enforcement

The LECC has conducted statewide public perceptions surveys to gain an understanding of how Oregonians view officers and how perceptions change. View more.

Improving Police and Minority Community Relations

The LECC is currently partnering with CJPRI and the Salem Police Department to develop a guidebook for Oregon law enforcement on building community relations efforts. View more.