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Law Enforcement

The Criminal Justice Policy Research Institute at Portland State University has developed strong partnerships with local and state police throughout Oregon and has worked on national law enforcement-oriented projects. More specifically, CJPRI has been involved in law enforcement research regarding: traffic stop and search data collection, crime analysis, GIS crime mapping, community policing, community crime prevention (e.g., Weed & Seed), racial profiling and bias, domestic violence, and public perceptions of law enforcement. To learn more about some of these efforts link to the following tabs in the CJPRI website: Inside the Oregon LECC, Crime Data, Domestic Violence.


CJPRI has had the privilege of bringing to Portland two national law enforcement experts (Dr. John Eck and David Kennedy) to give research presentations.


Learn about David Kennedy's renowned approaches to addressing gang and gun violence throughout the U.S.  Link to David Kennedy's presentation.


Learn about Dr. John Eck's innovative theories and strategies for reducing crime and disorder at problem places.  Link to Dr. Eck's presentation.




Featured Items

Renauer, B.C. LECC 2011 Annual Report. Portland, OR: CJPRI.

Renauer, B.C., Henning, K., Covelli, E. (2009). Benchmarking traffic stop and search data. Portland Police Bureau.

Henning, K. et al. (2011). Residential Burglary in Portland, OR. Portland Police Bureau.



Brian Renauer, Ph.D.
CJPRI Director | 503-725-8090

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