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Criminal Justice Policy Research Institute

The Criminal Justice Policy Research Institute at Portland State University has access to multiple researchers who specialize in corrections issues.  Our corrections experts have worked on the following issues/areas: gender responsive risk and needs assessments, risk assessment, prison chaplains, correctional rehabilitation and best practices, evidence based-practices in probation/parole, super max prisons, radio frequency identification, and public preferences regarding punishment and correctional policy.


Learn about public support for correctional reform in Oregon by linking to the testimony of Dr. Jody Sundt to The Commission on Public Safety formed by Governor Kitzhaber December 2, 2011.  Link to Dr. Sundt's presentation - presentation pdf, audio testimony part 1, audio testimony part 2


Interested in gendered pathways to incarceration?  Link here to learn more about Dr. Emily Salisbury's research.  Link to gendered pathways to incarceration.


  Salisbury, E.J., Van Voorhis, P., & Spiropoulos, G.V. (2009). The predictive validity of a gender-responsive needs assessment: An exploratory study.  Crime & Delinquency, 55, 550-585.
Sundt, J.L, Castellano, T.C., & Briggs, C.S (2008). The socio-political context of prison violence and its control: A case study of supermax in Illinois.  The Prison Journal, 88, 94-122.
Sundt, J.L., Cullen, F. (2008). Doing god's work behind bars: Chaplains' reactions to employment in prisons. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 45,3, 131-157  
 Hickman, L. J., Eisman, M., & Davis, L. “Evaluation Design for the District of Columbia Department of Corrections’ Use of Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) Technology for Jail Inmates.” Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation, November 2008.



Brian Renauer, Ph.D 
CJPRI Director 
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