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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Professional Engineers Review Course

About the PE Review Course

Offered annually in Winter term, this non-credit review course is designed to help working professionals study for the Professional Engineering (PE) Exam administered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying each April. The course is taught by PSU and OSU faculty and licensed professionals, and is designed to cover both the breadth and depth parts of the exam. The course reviews each of the exam subject areas weekly; depth review sessions are optional if you are not taking the area depth exam. 

Course Title

Professional Engineering Exam Review Course (PE 046)

Next Offered

Winter term 2021, January 4th - March 21st

Lectures will be recorded. If recorded lectures are held live, they will be conducted on ZOOM on Tuesday evenings from 6pm - 8:50pm. 

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PE Review Course Topics: Potential Course Schedule

  • Week 1 - Structural Breadth: Structural mechanics: Dead, live, wind, seismic loading; load distribution; steel column; beam and beam column analysis/design; connectionanalysis/design.
  • Week 2 - Structural Depth: Design and Details of Structures, Codes.
  • Week 3 - Environmental Engineering - Depth: Wastewater Collection and Treatment, Water Quality, Drinking Water
  • Week 4 - Construction and Engineering Economics: Site development, safety, earthwork construction and layout, material quality control and production. 
  • Week 5 -Geotech Depth: Site characterization, field testing, earthquake engineering, earth structures, foundations.
  • Week 6 - Transportation Depth: Traffic engineering, intersection geometry, roadside and cross section, signal design, traffic control, design traffic analysis (e.g., equivalent single-axle load [ESAL]).
  • Week 7 - Geotech Breadth: Soil mechanics, properties of soils, classification, site investigations and field material testing.
  • Week 8 - Transportation Breadth: Basic circular curve elements (e.g., middle ordinate, length, chord, radius); Basic vertical curve elements, traffic volume (e.g., vehicle mix, flow, and speed).
  • Week 9 - Hydraulics and Hydrology Breadth: Open channel flow, stormwater collection, runoff analysis, pressure conduits, Bernoulli.
  • Week 10 - Water Resources: Closed conduit, pumps, open channel flow, hydrology, groundwater, water quality.
  • Week 11 - Construction Engineering: Temporary structures, project planning, scheduling.