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Literacy Teacher Preparation:Ten Truths for Teacher Educators
Literacy Teacher Preparation:Ten Truths for Teacher Educators

Although crisis has become a recurring theme in the public perception of literacy teacher preparation, rigorous research does not support commonly held views. After identifying prevalent misconceptions,the contributors to this book, set out to investigate there own precises and the existing research to document 10 "truths" about literacy teacher preparation.

Each chapter explains a truth, provides the research base, and discusses the truth in the context of current issues in teacher preparation. Through this book, teacher educators,teachers, literacy researchers, and policy makers will discover how quality teacher preparation makes a difference in the professional lives of literacy teachers and in the academic potential of their students.

Lenski, S. D., Grisham, D. L., & Wold, L. S., (2005). Literacy Teacher Preparation: Ten Truths Teacher Educators Need to Know. Newark, DE: International Reading Association.

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