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Master of Education degree (MEd)

Following completion of GTEP, candidates may earn a Master of Education degree (MEd) by completing additional credits of graduate-level coursework, including one required course, CI 563 Teacher as Researcher. Student teaching credits do not apply towards the master's degree. The MEd university graduate degree policies apply; see Enrollment Policies and Credit Regulations in the PSU Bulletin.

CI 563 Teacher As Researcher

Teachers will improve their ability to expand their practice through systematic study. This course involves the development and use of teacher networks; the refining of skills to locate, evaluate, and use current educational research; and the participation of K-12 students in an action research project. The course will include an introduction to action research as a tool for instructional improvement and professional development. Teacher work samples provide a basis for expanded inquiry and instructional planning.

Elective Coursework

  • Taken for a grade at the graduate level (500 level or above)
  • Supports performance, growth, or perspective as a teacher
  • Approved by advisor (cohort leader or MEd advisor)
  • May include a limited number of credits transferred from another accredited institution (Requires approval of the GO-21Mpdf Proposed Preadmission and Transfer Credit form)
  • All courses must be completed within a seven year time frame, i.e., candidates who begin GTEP in summer 2011 must complete all master's degree requirements and graduate no later than summer 2018

Culminating Project
The work sample completed for Student Teaching II will serve as the culminating project for the masters degree.

Summary of MEd Credit Requirements

  • GTEP academic credits, excluding Student Teaching (35-40 credits)
  • CI 563 Teacher as Researcher (4 credits)
  • Elective credits (1-6 credits)

TOTAL:  45 credits