Literacy Education Program of Study

The endorsement program coursework is comprised of 25 credits (16 core credits + 3 practicum credits + 6 credits of electives). 

The certificate of completion coursework is comprised of any four courses (except the practicum). All core courses and up to two electives taken as part of the certificate of completion will count towards the endorsement.

CI 522 Literacy Foundations (psychology, history, theory & research) 4
CI 529 School Reading Program Leadership 3
CI 536 Language, Literacy, and Culture 3
CI 528 Literacy Assessment for Reading Specialists 3
CI 574 Assessing and Teaching Students who Struggle with Reading 3
CI 509* Practicum in Literacy 3
CI 572 Language & Literacy in Early Childhood Education (P-3) 3
CI 547 Advanced Elementary Methods: Reading (K-8) 3
CI 533 Media and Literacy (K-12) 3
CI 531 Facilitating Content Area Literacy Strategies 3
LIB 529 Young Adult Literature (5-12) 3
CI 520 Linguistics for Teachers (K-12) 3
CI 524 Developing the Writing Workshop (K-12) 3
CI 527 Literature in Classrooms K-8 3

*CI 522, CI 574, CI 528, and CI 529 are prerequisites for the practicum. CI 536 may be taken after the practicum, but students are strongly encouraged to take it before the practicum.