Library Media Endorsement - Program Courses

Prerequisite courses (must be completed by Fall 2018)*
Offered every term CI 432 or 532 Computer Applications for the Classroom
Offered every term LIB 428 or 528 Children’s Literature
Offered spring and summer terms LIB 429 or 529
(can be taken in place of 428 or 528)
Young Adult Literature

* Equivalent courses from other institutions will be considered. Please see the Prerequisites and Admissions page for more information and a link to the waiver form.

Beginning Fall 2017, each required course will be offered one time during the two-year cohort sequence (Please note: This does not impact candidates in the 2016-17 cohort during Summer 2017. Both LIB 530 and 541 will be offered that term so that you can complete your program that term.).

During Winter and Spring terms of 2019, candidates will complete their two practicum experiences in addition to the required courses offered each of those terms.

Required courses
Term Course Prefix Course Title
Fall 2017 LIB 536 Instructional Design & Technology for Schools & Libraries
Winter 2018 LIB 542 Collection Development & Evaluation
Spring 2018 LIB 548 Cataloging & Organization of School Library Collections
Summer 2018 LIB 541 Reference & Information Systems & Services
Fall 2018 LIB 534 Administration of the School Library
Winter 2019 LIB 547 and
LIB 561 or 562
School Library Instructional Programs, K-12
School Library Practicum (elementary or secondary)
Spring 2019 LIB 530 and
LIB 561 or 562
Literature Promotion Programs K-12 School Library Practicum (opposite level as Winter term)

If you have any questions, please contact us after reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions.