Library Media Endorsement - Program Completion

Once you have completed the Library Media program coursework, done both supervised practica, and taken the NES/Pearson School Library Media Specialist test, you are ready to complete the program. PSU must provide verification to TSPC that you have met all requirements for the Library Media Endorsement to be added to your teaching license. You may complete this final paperwork process if you have accomplished the following:

  1. Been admitted to PSU’s Library Media Endorsement Program
  2. Completed of all required courses and the two final practica
  3. Passed the NES/Pearson School Library Media Specialist test, and sent your scores to PSU


  1. Request for licensure form
  2. Library Media Program of Study Form
  3. Copy of your NES test scores
  4. $25 licensure processing fee. See instructions for submitting a request for licensure recommendation.

Submit all documentation in a single packet to:

Office of Field Placement and Licensure
College of Education
Portland State University
PO Box 751
Portland OR 97207-0751

General licensure information to contact licensure directly.

Please note:

OAR #584-052-0010(2) Applicants from Oregon approved programs must apply for licensure within three years following completion of their respective programs. If more than three years lapse before application is made, the candidate must qualify for recommendation under rules for licensure in effect at the time of application.


Elizabeth Snyder
503-725- 9786