Early Childhood Education Certificate of Completion - Program Courses


Please check out the program schedule to see the latest offerings of classes over the coming year. Any class listed below and all 410/510 classes are available for certificate students. Undergraduate classes are 400 level, the graduate classes are 500 level. All classes are fully online unless indicated otherwise.

Courses* credits

CI 410/510 Creating Communities: Guiding Young Children


CI 410/510 Educational Rights and Inclusive Environments in Early Childhood

CI 410/510 The Arts as a Language of Childhood 3
CI 472/572 Language and Literacy in ECE 3
CI 479/579 The Young Child As Scientist 3
CI 410/510 Reggio Studies 1
CI 410/510 Culture and Language in Early Childhood Families 3
CI 410/510 The Emotional Life of Toddlers  3
CI 571 Play: Curriculum in Early Childhood Education 3
SPED 410/510 Introduction to Infant/Toddler Mental Health 3
CI 410/510 Mathematical Thinking in Early Childhood 3
CI 478/578 Constructivist Curriculum: Big Ideas in ECE 3
CI 477/577 Learning Designs: Environments in Early Childhood Education 3

CI 410/510 Teaching and Learning with Competent Infants and Toddlers

CI 410/510 Documenting Young Children's Learning  4
CI 410/510 Leading in ECE Programs 4


How to access your online courses

Course descriptions can be found at Early Childhood Education Course Descriptions.