Master in Early Childhood Education: Advising

Email one of the following faculty members to schedule an initial appointment:

Dr. John Nimmo, Assistant Professor in Early Childhood Education, and can be reached at

Dr. Ingrid Anderson, Assistant Professor of Practice in Early Childhood Education, and can be reached at

Once you are admitted, we will share your Master's Degree Advising Plan FormPDF Icon with you through Google Drive. You should initially complete the form using our Online Schedule prior to meeting with your advisor. By having your advising form on the Google Drive we can work on the same document throughout your program. Most advising sessions occur through Google Hangout or another online video application. Your advisor is also available to meet in-person at PSU or by telephone.


  • All transfer courses need to be taken for a letter grade from an accredited university at the graduate level. Use the GO-21 for pre-admission and transfer credits found at the Graduate Studies Website. Complete this work early in your program so you can address issues that may arise in a timely manner.
  • Substitutions for any course need to be approved by the advisor before the student takes the course. Please do so through email communications so that you have a record of the advisor’s consent. Any approved substitutions will also need to be reflected on your online advising form.
  • When you are ready to graduate and fill in your graduation paperwork for the Graduate Studies Office, this will trigger a DARS audit of your program of study. If you have made substitutions, your advisor will be notified. Your advisor will create the list of substitutions for the Graduate Studies office and submit for a DARS update to reflect your program of study with substitutions and allow you to proceed to graduation. Be prepared to submit a list of your authorized substitutions to your advisor as you fill in your graduation paperwork.
  • Be aware that there is a 6-credit limit for PSU 800 level classes or equivalent professional development courses from other institutions, with the exception of courses numbered 808, which will not count towards any degree.