Curriculum and Instruction Master's Degree Program of Study - On Campus

The requirements for this degree are:

A program of study consisting of not fewer than 45 credits approved by the graduate advisor and department chair, to include:

  1. A core studies area of 24 credits: teaching and learning, curriculum, design and development, assessment and research, human relations, and issues of education.
  2. 21 elective credits at the graduate level. Check with your advisor for program planning.
  3. A culminating action research project

Downloadable program of studypdf

Course requirements and schedule

Total Credits: 45 (minimum for a MS/MA). View course descriptions here.

CI 561 Advanced Educational Psychology 3     X X
CI 565 Theoretical Models of Curriculum 3     X X
CI 567 Curriculum and Culture 3   X   X
CI 580 Theories of Instruction 3 X     X
CI 581 Issues in Education 3 X     X
CI 510 Guidance for the Classroom Teacher 3   X  


CI 590 Action Research Proposal 3 X
CI 591 Action Research Implementation
3   X
CI 501 Action Research Project (by arrangement, taken independently with your advisor any term) 3 X X X X

Online*: Online classes taken with program coordinator permission only.

IMPORTANT: All 45 credits must be completed within a seven year time frame and students are encouraged to complete their degree program within two to three years.


Elective credits are selected with the help of an advisor and may be taken in conjunction with core courses. They are not limited to CI courses and can be applied to specializations, endorsements, graduate certificates, and certificates of completion throughout the College of Education and University as a whole. There are face to face, online, and hybrid options each term. Electives may also be transferred in to the program (up to 15 credits) provided they meet the University’s transfer credit criteria.

Action Research Project

Candidates completing the independent project option must complete the following prerequisites.

  • CI 590 Action Research Proposal (3 credits)
  • CI 591 Action Research Implementation (3-6 credits)
    The purpose of action research is to systematically study and improve one’s own classroom practice. In CI 590, candidates design and write their independent action research project proposal. In CI 591 candidates implement their project.