Curriculum and Instruction Master's Degree Electives

A master’s degree is 45 credits, some core and some elective, which allows you to tailor your degree more precisely to your needs and interests. Use them to get an endorsement, a Graduate Certificate, or a Certificate of Completion. See what we are offering this term.

Spring term electivesFile format icon are open to all students.

Requirements for electives:

  • All courses used for electives must be at the 500  level. 
  • Students may use 6 credits of 810’s in their final program.
  • Up to 15 credits in transfer or preadmission graduate courses may be accepted. 

IMPORTANT: All elective credits must be completed within a seven year time frame and students are encouraged to complete their degree program within two to three years.

Work with your advisor as you choose electives that will further your educational goals. For example:

  • Endorsements are a set of courses in a particular TSPC- or university-approved program designed to develop expertise in that specialty area. These programs will qualify you for a TSPC endorsement on your teaching license.
  • Graduate Certificates are a sequence of 3-6 courses in a certain focus area. These certificates will show up on your transcript as a certificated area of expertise.
  • Certificates of Completion are a series of linked courses with a defined focus. The individual courses will appear on your PSU transcript. The title of the certificate of completion will not.


Certificates of Completion

Graduate Certificate

Other department courses

Each term we will provide a list of courses that are available for any student to take as electives. Check with your advisor before registering for these classes. Please also check the PSU online schedule of classes for location (on campus/off campus) and delivery method (online/hybrid/oncampus)