Curriculum and Instruction Career Paths

I want to earn a doctorate:

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership

Specializations include: administration; educational leadership; post secondary, adult, and continuing education; curriculum and instruction; and special and counselor education.

I want to earn a master's degree:

MA/MS in Curriculum and Instruction (CI)
Master of Education (GTEP Program only)

I want to be an elementary, middle school or high school classroom teacher:

Preliminary Teaching Licenses

The Graduate Teacher Education Program (GTEP) prepares classroom teachers for early childhood (pre-grade 4), elementary (grades 3-8), middle school (grades 5-10) and/or high school (grades 7-12) authorizations. Successful completion of this program culminates in a recommendation to the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission for a preliminary teaching license, and the option of completing a master's of education degree.

Undergraduate Preparation

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers "Pre Education" options which help students meet the prerequisite requirements for our teacher licensure programs.

Child and Family Studies (Undergraduate)

Child and Family Studies also offers a program that includes prerequisite course for the GTEP program.

I have a teaching license from another country and would like to teach in Oregon:

International Teacher Education Program (ITEP)

The International Teacher Education Program provides advising and coursework for individuals who have a teaching license from another country to transition to a Preliminary Teaching License in the State of Oregon.

I want to teach reading or add a reading endorsement to my teaching license:

Reading Endorsement/Literacy

I want to teach English as a Second Language or in bilingual classrooms:

ESOL/Bilingual Education

I am bilingual/bicultural and want to become a classroom teacher or teach English as a Second Language (ESL):

Bilingual Teacher Pathways