Added Secondary - Admissions


Interested students must pass the subject-area NES test and submit a departmental recommendation form before formally applying to the program. Students will also take and pass any prerequisite courses* to the College of Education.

*Not all subject areas require a departmental recommendation form or prerequisite courses. Check the program of study to review the steps for your desired content area.

To earn the Added Secondary Endorsement, students take a content area methods class and complete a 90-hour practicum. After those requirements have been met, candidates submit their program completion paperwork to the College of Education Licensure Office. The licensure specialist will work with candidates and with TSPC to add the endorsement to their teaching license.

Applications are accepted for Fall and Winter ONLY

Find your application deadline.

Admission criteria

To be considered for admissions in the Added Secondary Endorsement program, candidates must:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a strong academic record
  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Hold a current teaching license
  • Take and pass the requisite content area NES test

Application instructions

By submitting a single application in our CollegeNet application system you will be considered for admission by your program as well as at Portland State University. This web based application system will allow you to input your personal information, upload materials, and track your application status from any online location. Select the name of your program in your CollegeNet application: Added Secondary Endorsement program.

Application requirements

The following components are part of your College of Education application:

  • Statement of Purpose (500 words): Describe your career goals, professional experiences and/or accomplishments, and your reason for applying to the program.
  • Resume
  • Email addresses for 2 recommenders who can provide an honest appraisal of your interpersonal and professional qualities and ability to be successful in this field.
  • Unofficial transcripts are accepted by the College of Education for the program application. You must submit transcripts for all institutions previously attended, regardless of whether you earned a degree or not. If admitted, you must send official transcripts to the Graduate School in order to register for classes.
    Acceptable unofficial transcripts are:
    • Web-based transcripts downloaded from an institution: institution and student name must be visible on transcripts
    • Photocopies of official transcripts: these must include the front and back of all pages, including transcript key
    Previous applicants:
    • If you’ve previously submitted official transcripts to PSU, you are still required to upload unofficial transcripts to complete your application.
    After you are admitted, you must submit official transcripts to:
    Graduate Admissions
    Portland State University
    PO Box 751
    Portland, OR 97207 - 0751
    Electronic official transcripts should be sent to

Application deadlines

The Added Secondary Endorsement program admits fall and winter terms ONLY.

If there are special circumstances that might require you to submit the application later than the deadline, please contact the admissions specialist, Mark Wallace, to discuss your options.

To validate your admission you must take a course during the term in which you have requested to be admitted. Should you not take a course in that term, your application will be cancelled and you will need to reapply.