ReadOregon - FAQs

General questions

1. I have taken some literacy courses at another university that are similar to ReadOregon classes. Do I have to take all the courses?
You are welcome to submit a substitution form to PSU’s ReadOregon advisor (Dr. Todd Cherner). Attach a syllabus or detailed course description. The course must have been taken at the graduate level from an accredited university within the last seven years from the date of your first ReadOregon course.

2. Does this program qualify for financial aid?
Taking courses in this program could allow you to qualify for financial aid if you are in a PSU master’s program. Contact Portland State’s Office of Financial Aid for more information at 503-725-3461.

Course, schedule, and registration questions

1. Should the courses be taken in a certain order?
We highly recommend that students take ReadOregon courses in order but do understand when there are scheduling issues. The practicum should be one of your last classes.

2. Can I get my endorsement at the same time as my Initial Teaching License? 
No, because the endorsement must be added to an existing teaching license, but you may be able to start taking classes towards your endorsement. You may not do your practicum unless you have a valid teaching license.

3. Where and how do I find out when courses are offered?
You can search the PSU Class Schedule for ReadOregon courses. Some are located in Curriculum and Instruction, some in ReadOregon and some in Library in the pull down menu. (CI, READ, LIB)

4. I'm not yet admitted to Portland State and the College of Education. May I still take courses? 
You do not have to be formally admitted to take courses; however, you will have to apply in order to earn your reading endorsement and have us recommend you to TSPC.

5. Do all six credits of Theme 6 (Literature) need to be literature courses? 
You should take at least 3 credits of literature for Theme 6. However, courses from any of the thematic areas will count towards the elective requirement.

Practicum questions

1. I have some K-12 reading-related teaching experience. Do I have to take the practicum? 

2. What is involved in doing the ReadOregon practicum? 
You will be expected to complete 90 hours of university literacy fieldwork in K-12 grades. You need at least 12 credits of ReadOregon courses in the four required thematic areas before you can take the practicum. You may do your practicum in your own classroom as long as there is someone in the building who has their reading endorsement who can be your cooperating teacher. If you are not working at the moment, we can find a placement for you.

3. How and when do I let you know I want to do my practicum?
Request a practicum by completing the ReadOregon Practicum Request form. Do this one term in advance of when you plan to do your practicum in order to allow time to confirm or find a placement, if needed. Practicum application deadlines are:

May 15

For fall term practicum beginning late-September 

October 15

For winter term practicum beginning early January 

January 15

For spring term practicum beginning late-March/early April

In addition, please email an electronic copy of your resume to Indicate "ReadOregon program" in the subject line. If you have any questions about your practicum placement, please contact Penny Jasso.

Please note that the practicum is offered during the academic year only and will require you to register and pay, just like any other ReadOregon course.

Praxis test questions

1. Which Praxis test do I have to pass for this endorsement? 
As required by TSPC, you must pass the Reading Specialist Praxis test. This is a standardized test administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and is one of the last things you will before before you complete the program. When you take the test, be sure to request that score results be sent to you, TSPC, and to Portland State.