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Meet Jerrod Thomas
Meet Jerrod Thomas

Jerrod Thomas is the Director of User Support Services, a division of PSU's Office of Information Technology (OIT), providing leadership and planning for PSU's robust technology support organization, which serves over 35,000 users. He also serves as Desktop Security & Support Manager for User Support Services, overseeing PSU's desktop security and supervising technical support teams for all centrally managed computers on campus. 

Jerrod has over nine years of experience managing enterprise-level technical support and began as a student worker as PSU, coordinating lab and classroom technicians. He holds a BA in Liberal Studies and a certificate in Project Management from PSU, and is currently pursuing an MS in Engineering and Technology Management. In addition to his positions in User Support Services, he is also a member of the PSU OIT Security Team, which is responsible for institutional information security issues. He is committed to providing user-focused technical support that meets the evolving information security needs of PSU's diverse community.

Jerrod says it's been a great ride and he's truly grateful to be a member of such an effective and compassionate organization within OIT, the Portland State community, and the incredible city he calls home.


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Phone: (503) 725-8558
Office: SMSU 18